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Strategic Brand Refresh

Logo Rebranding


Wendy Maxwell




Branding design




Wendy Maxwell Logo Rebranding

Brand Strategy

When Wendy came to me with this rebranding logo design project she had a clear vision of what she wanted. At the moment she already had a logo but it didn’t feel like a fit anymore.


Although she had a clear vision, she was still open to advice from my point of view as a brand designer. She was however certain about one thing: she wanted a calligraphy font. It was also important for this rebranding that it felt personal because of her work as an organizer. She often times works within the personal space of a client — their home and safe place — and it’s important that they feel at ease. Another important element was that the logo didn’t feel too “girly”. She wanted a logo that represented who she is as a person. We wanted to make sure it had a tough, cool vibe because this is how others describe her. The client needed to be able to straightaway get a feel of who she is.


Because we wanted to give her new logo a more modern look, we chose to create the logo in two different colors: black and a rose gold. The black version is more classic and the rose gold gives the logo a more modern feel. It will also speak more to the dream clients that have the budget to spend on organizing.

Wendy Maxwell Logo Rebranding

Brand Identity

WENDY MAXWELL | REBRANDING LOGO | Rebrand of a logo design for THE organizing company in Amersfoort
WENDY MAXWELL | REBRANDING LOGO | Rebrand of a logo design for THE organizing company in Amersfoort
Wendy Maxwell logo rebranding | Fiona Gobbo Creative | Logo rebranding for personal organizer including business cards

Client review

What Wendy says about our collaboration