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Blog content strategy & brand development

Fashion blog content strategy


The Chic Italian (going to be replaced by Curated by Fiona)


2014 – 2020


Content strategy • Content creation • Photography • SEO optimization • Styling • Branding design • Brand strategy & development • Social media marketing • Digital design

Fashion blog branding

Brand Strategy & Brand Identity

In 2014 I (Fiona Gobbo) started the blog The Chic Italian as a creative outlet and to pursue my passion for personal style. My brand strategy for the blog is to let it feel like who I am and my personal style vision. The logo is inspired by band logos mixed in with a more classic font to mirror my personal style: classic wardrobe staples mixed with rock-esque elements. Throughout the blog it’s always been a balance between the two: from fonts to photo editing to the clothes I’m wearing.

Brand Strategy & blog content strategy TheChicItalian Style Blog | Fiona Gobbo Creative | Logo design

Personal style



Brand story

The Chic Italian — a style & career blog

The Chic Italian is mainly a style & lifestyle blog for twentysomething’ers with a passion for not just fashion but also style, have the drive to be succesful in life and love to share their experiences (life, love, travel — anything) with like-minded individuals. My dream is to create a community with stylish people on the path to greatness in any aspect of their life’s inspiring others along the way all the while enjoying life to the fullest.

Brand Strategy & Development TheChicItalian Style Blog | Fiona Gobbo Creative | Blog post example


Classic style with an personal touch

Brand Strategy & Development TheChicItalian Style Blog | Fiona Gobbo Creative | Fonts

Color palette

Classic & feminine

The two main colors used for The Chic Italian were the basic non-colors white & black. Two colors that aren’t just classics but also two colors that are worn on the blog constantly. The pink accents were used to give the blog a more feminine but girly touch.


For the editing of images we chose one filter that is used on the blog as well as social media. This filter is more on the pink / purple side, matching with the color accents and giving the images a recognizable unique look without completely distorting the original colors.

Brand Strategy & Development TheChicItalian Style Blog | Fiona Gobbo Creative | Brand colors

Growing the blog

Brand Building

The goals for the blog were:

✴︎ Inspiring likeminded women

✴︎ Focus on quality style instead of over-consuming fashion

✴︎ Grow the blog to eventually monetize


To achieve these goals the focus was on:

✴︎ Developing recognizable content

✴︎ Analyze which content works and what doesn’t work

✴︎ Work on new, innovative ideas


The channels that were used are:

✴︎ The self-hosted blog

✴︎ Social media channels for reach

✴︎ Affiliate marketing platform ShopStyle

Blog & content

Content strategy & Creation

Device Frame

Content marketing

For The Chic Italian I was involved with the content strategy, creation and management.


This included:

✴︎ Creating monthly content calendars

✴︎ Check with Google Analytics which posts are popular with the target audience

✴︎ Brainstorming new content, themes and posts

✴︎ Determine the type of content needed for a post (text, photo’s, video or other)

✴︎ Creating content for collaborations by combining my style with the style of the brand

✴︎ Make content searchable with the right keywords and tags




To make sure all content on the blog was easy to find through search engines, I optimized the content (text and images).


How I made all content SEO proof:

✴︎ Select the right keywords & search terms for a post

✴︎ Follow trends to see what is popular at the moment

✴︎ Tag all content with keywords

✴︎ Use the right in- and outbound links

✴︎ Promote content through other channels

Content examples

Video content

Social media marketing & Instagram

Creating brand awareness among the target group

Device Frame

If you want to have a successful blog, you need to have social media channels to promote the content to target the right group of readers. For social media it’s vital to create content that is an extension of the content on the blog.


These days it sometimes works backwards: the content on the blog is an extension of what a blogger posts on their social media.


@fionagobbo on Instagram

For Instagram I used the username @fionagobbo which is my own name instead of the blog name. I did however put the blog name in the title of my profile so it would show up when people would search for the Instagram page. By using a personal name instead of the blog name it feels more approachable for the person following you and not like they are following a brand.


The Instagram content is a mix of images from the blog and more day-to-day images. The focus was on creating short form content that wouldn’t work on the blog.

Social media marketing & Pinterest

Growing the blog reach

Device Frame

The second biggest blog growth social media platform is Pinterest. By watching and implementing Pinterest Trends & optimizing pins, the amount of blog vistors doubled. It is no wonder that Pinterest has become the go-to platform if you want to grow your blog. 


I’ve added a couple of example pins that worked well with the ones that under performed, even though they are optimized for the same content.

Content examples

Blog posts

Brand Strategy & Development TheChicItalian Style Blog | Fiona Gobbo Creative | Blog post example
Brand Strategy & Development TheChicItalian Style Blog | Fiona Gobbo Creative | Blog post example
Brand Strategy & Development TheChicItalian Style Blog | Fiona Gobbo Creative | Blog post example
Brand Strategy & Development TheChicItalian Style Blog | Fiona Gobbo Creative | Blog post example
Brand Strategy & Development TheChicItalian Style Blog | Fiona Gobbo Creative | Blog post example
Brand Strategy & Development TheChicItalian Style Blog | Fiona Gobbo Creative | Blog post example

Affiliate marketing shop

Monetizing the blog content strategy

Device Frame

There are a couple of ways to monetize your blog. For The Chic Italian affiliate links was the biggest source of income. Through ShopStyle there were text links & a shop created with links on which people could click on and buy or see products. A small % would be made from the clicks.


The posts that did well through Pinterest and organic search were kept up to date to make sure that they were monetized through the affiliate links.

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