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INCTRL Corporate Identity design






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InCTRL BRAND IDENTITY | Fiona Gobbo Creative | Main logo




InCTRL Strategic Brand Design

Brand Strategy

Through the NTWRKPLK group of female business owners I got in contact with Administratiekantoor Donker about potentially working together on this new project. They were launching a new brand, InCTRL Group, that would focus on helping different small businesses with their finances. The idea is that there are two different labels under the brand (with new ones launching in the future): 


✴︎ InCTRL Finance

✴︎ InCTRL Payroll


They asked me if I could create one main logo and two separate logo’s for the labels but to keep it cohesive and recognizable as coming from the same brand.


For this project we went with the Strategic Brand Design service because this fitted their wants and needs te most. With this service I don’t just design a brand identity, I also look at what the brand wants to communicate, what they stand for and who their dream clients are. This way I can create a strategic brand identity that is not only fitting for the brand but also helps them achieve their business goals by being strategic with the look and feel.


In the end I designed the full InCTRL brand identity with two marketing materials and a brand guide. The brand guide brings the design and strategy together and is a great tool to use when you work with third parties or to introduce new employees to the brand.

InCTRL Strategic Brand Design

Corporate Brand Identity

InCTRL BRAND IDENTITY | Fiona Gobbo Creative | InCTRL Finance label logo
InCTRL BRAND IDENTITY | Fiona Gobbo Creative | InCTRL Finance label alternative logo
InCTRL BRAND IDENTITY | Fiona Gobbo Creative | InCTRL Payroll label logo
InCTRL BRAND IDENTITY | Fiona Gobbo Creative | InCTRL Payroll label alternative logo

The target audience

The entrepreneur that wants to be professionally InCTRL.

The InCTRL corporate brand identity has a calm but businesslike look that fits in with the current business climate. It’s focused on the entrepreneur that wants financial freedom and taking steps with their company. They want nothing to do with the old rules of doing business but also aren’t risk takers. They take their business serious.


The InCTRL entrepreneur is involved and expects the same from their accountant. They love seeing all their financial options before they make a choice. They like to be InCTRL of their future.

Brand style

Color palette & typography 

For this project it was important to keep a balance between being approachable for a young professional generation and having a corporate identity. A safe balance between being formal, the new way of doing business and the right professional choice.


In the end we chose Quincy CF serif font that has a professional, vintage look but with a more modern appearance. The modern look is heightened by the use of the 70s inspired rich colors that you often find in local coffee spots — often the second office for the young professionals of today.

InCTRL Corporate brand Identity | Fiona Gobbo Creative | InCTRL stationary mock-up

This is a mock-up design — these weren’t created as part of the project

Client review

What InCTRL says about our collaboration

InCTRL Corporate brand Identity | Fiona Gobbo Creative | InCTRL business cards

Digital & print designs

Collateral materials

For this project, the following collateral materials & custom designs were made:


✴︎ Two-sided business cards — one side for finance and one side for payroll

✴︎ Custom made icons for the website

✴︎ Gif for the website

InCTRL Brand Building


In addition to the business cards, we’ve designed visuals for the website — a gif and two sets of icons.


The website was designed & developed by ILUZIE based on the brand identity.

InCTRL Corporate brand Identity | Fiona Gobbo Creative | InCTRL website