The 3 best Instagram planning tools for scheduling your business grams | Fiona Gobbo Creative
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The 3 best Instagram planning tools for scheduling your business grams

I’ve tried many different Instagram planning tools but these three take the cake for me personally: Planoly, Mosaico & Preppr. They’re all slightly different from one another but also offer almost all the same functions. To make it easier for you to choose the right Instagram scheduling tool for your business or brand, I’ve reviewed them based on:

Who this app is perfect for;
The functions the tool has;
 Their unique functions;
What it’s lacking;
And, pretty important, the costs.

The 3 Best Instagram Planning Tools For Scheduling Your Business Grams | Fiona Gobbo Creative | Choose the scheduling tool to plan your business instagram account with Planoly, Mosaico or Preppr



Planoly was one of the first Instagram planning tools I’ve tried since taking Instagram serious as a marketing tool. And I still use it with great pleasure. Mostly because I like their user interface but also because of their branding and helpful tips.


Planoly for your brand or (small) business

I think they market themselves as an Instagram tool for mostly business owners that sell products but I know it’s also a very popular app among bloggers and other creative jobs. It’s also a perfect tool if you’re in the business of managing several accounts.

Because of the branding, I think this app is mostly targeted at female entrepreneurs and bloggers. But if you can look past the branding — if it isn’t your thing — and want an Instagram tool with lots of options, than this is the one you want to go for.


App and web based, Instagram Stories planning & more 

Planoly has a lot of functions:

Plan, arrange, schedule & post (you can now auto post!) your grams for your grid.

There is also a calendar overview so you can see what has been scheduled. On the website version you can also drag and drop to easily re-arrange your planned posts.

Via the discovery tab you can also look up grams of other users to regram (the video below explains it in detail). This is especially handy if you use a branded hashtag for your brand or (small) business and want to share user generated content.

You can see your weekly, monthly or yearly statistics. However, when you use a free account, you only get the weekly statistics.

Planoly also has a comment section in which you can manage the comments that are left on your account. You can also star a comment if you want to get back to it another time.

You can create hashtag groups to use for your posts. This is especially handy if you’re targeting different target groups with different grams.

Not a feature in the app, but if you have the app on your phone you can now add edited images straight to your Planoly grid from VSCO, Lightroom, Snapseed and other apps. Read more about it here.

The video below doesn’t just show all the functions Planoly has but also shows how they work. If you’re thinking about using Planoly, this is a great manual to watch so you can get started right away. If you like to read about all the functions, check out this article with the functions they’ve released this year.

What sets Planoly apart from other apps

There are a lot of functions that I’ve mentioned above that you won’t find in other apps. These three below are the most standout functions that I think you won’t be seeing anytime soon in another Instagram scheduling tool:

You can plan Instagram Stories. So far I haven’t seen any other app where you can schedule your stories. You can check out how to plan your Instagram Stories here.

If you’re working with a team or want feedback from your client on the content that is scheduled or unscheduled, you can create a report in the web version.

You can make your Instagram grid shoppable with a Shoppable account. More on how to do this here. When you’ve created an account, you can add your product catalog and tag the products in your photo’s. You get a link with the shoppable grams to put in your bio. Update: You can now also make your feed shopable through Instagram. You can read here and here how to do it.

For bloggers and influencers there is A great way to monetize your content. You can apply here.


What does it lack

Not a lot! You can pretty much schedule any type of content — photo’s, multiple photo’s/slideshows, video’s, Instagram Stories — and you can manage your account plus make it shoppable (if you’re willing to pay for it or if you are — probably — a bigger influencer).

The only thing that I can think of, is that the free plan is restricted. You won’t have access to all the functions and you can only post 30 grams per month. Although it’s a bummer, I don’t think it’s unreasonable. The app is still great even without some of the functions.



You can choose from four different account types as showed below. If you want to use Shoppable, you have to purchase the add-on for $50 monthly or $480 for a year ($40 monthly). As a small business owner you really have to see if it’s profitable for your business.

If you do decide to choose Planoly based on my review, please use my referral link. You’ve found the perfect scheduling tool and I get credits to use. A win-win situation for the both of us!

This post is not sponsored by Planoly. I just really like this Instagram planning tool and share it with everyone who is looking for a great tool.



Mosaico is an app I use for my personal account (@fionagobbo). Because I don’t use this account as a business (yet!) I don’t need a lot of the extensive features like Planoly has.

Perfect for

Anyone who wants to see how their grid will look like beforehand and wants to keep their positing consistent. It’s a no fuss app that’s easy to use with a dark interface. So if you’re not into bright colors or pinks, this is the app for you.



Like I said above, it’s a no fuss app and has pretty basic, but handy functions:

A grid overview where you can add and schedule your photo’s. You can easily move your posts around by holding your finger down on a gram and then move it around. This app doesn’t automatically posts to your Instagram account. Just like Planoly, you’ll receive a push notification.

You can choose four posting times: one in the morning, afternoon, evening and night. You can choose your posting time by tapping the swirly arrow in the right corner and then tap on the gram to choose your posting time (it is shown as an icon).

You can create hashtag clouds to cluster hashtags. This will save you time to find the right hashtags for your gram.


What sets it apart from other apps

For me these are the reasons why this app stands out among other Instagram tools:

It’s extremely easy to use.

It shows you your most recently used hashtags next to your hashtag clouds.

You only pay for the app (see costs) if you’re going to manage one account. There are no restrictions on how many grams you can post per month.


What does it lack

Because it’s such a basic, easy to use app, there are a lot of functions you don’t get that I think are pretty important if you’re using Instagram as a marketing tool for your business or brand.

• It’s not web based, there is only an app. If you have a business or brand and want to manage your Instagram account, it is handier to also have a web version of your instagram tool. This way you don’t have to be on your phone all the time but can stay behind your laptop or desktop.

• You can’t schedule all your photo’s, only the next one in your grid. After every posted gram you need to go back to the app and plan the next one.

• You can’t add or schedule video’s or multiple photo’s.



The app itself costs $5.99 (€ 6,99) and can be used with one account and all functions. If you want to add another account to your feed you’ll need a subscription. You can choose between $6.99 (€ 7,99) for six months or $11.99 (€ 12,99) for a year. Pretty reasonable pricing if you don’t have a big social media budget.



Preppr is the latest Instagram tool I’ve tried and loved. Just like Planoly it has an app and a web version.


Perfect for

If you’re in the business of social media management for multiple brands and businesses, this is your tool. This tool will automatically post grams to Instagram feeds which is handy if multiple brands or businesses have content planned at the same time.

It’s also great for the brand and business owners who forget to post their grams (I’m definitely guilty of this sometimes!). You schedule in one day in the week to plan, create and schedule your content and don’t have to worry about it anymore. The only thing you need to do is check in to respond to comments and like other people’s content if you want a successful account (4 basic sm principles blog post).



You can endlessly create, plan and schedule content including multiple photo’s.

 You can choose between automatic posting or manual posting.

Because it posts automatically to your account, they’ve added the option of not only adding a caption but also a first comment. This way you can add your hashtags to your first comment.

The app has a grid planner (the web based version doesn’t) so you can see how your grid looks like.


What sets it apart from other apps

The only stand out function that Preppr has in comparison with the two previously mentioned is that you can plan automatically to your Instagram account.


What does it lack

There a couple of features that I definitely missed when I tried out Preppr:

•  There isn’t a free plan. You can try it out for 30 days and after you need to purchase a subscription (see costs).

• You can’t plan video’s and you can’t schedule multiple photo’s. Update: As mentioned by a commenter below, scheduling video is now available.

• Only the app has a grid planner. When I used this Instagram planning tool I had to switch between the app and web based version to see how my grid would look. Update: As mentioned by a commenter below, the web based version now has a grid view as well.



Like I said above, you can try out Preppr for 30 days for free and after you need to upgrade your account. You can choose from the following plans:

1 account is $9 monthly or $96 yearly ($8 a month)
2 accounts is $17 monthly or $180 yearly ($15 a month)
5 accounts is $40 monthly or $420 yearly ($35 a month)
10 accounts is $75 monthly or $780 yearly ($65 a month)

Every plan includes all features.

Which one should you choose 


If you’re a brand or (small) business, I would suggest going for Planoly or Preppr. Planoly has more functions and is cheaper when you’re managing one account. But if you’re on your own and don’t have anyone in charge of social media, the automatic planning function of Preppr does come in handy.

If you’re in charge of social media management for more than one client, Preppr might be more handy (and cheaper if you manage more accounts!) because of the automatic posting but Planoly has a lot more managing functions and statistics. Plus the report is awesome if you need an okay-go from your client. However, you can see statistics if you have a business account anyway and manage comments via the Instagram app.

I would only advice brands of (small) businesses to get Mosaico if they want an easy app and have other apps for managing their account. I think Mosaico is perfect for personal use.

My personal verdict


So what’s the verdict? Which app do I like best?

Planoly is definitely the winner for me. Although I loved the automatic planning of grams that Preppr offered, I needed to switch a lot between the app and the web version to see how my grid would look. Mosaico is great for my personal account but it’s too basic when it comes to my business account.

At the moment I’m using the free plan for Planoly but because I’m moving my personal account to it as well, I will be changing my plan to a duo account.


After reading this blog post, which Instagram planning tool do you think will fit your brand or (small) business best?

Do you need help with your social media strategy?


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